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By Abdel Rahman Gabr-(Koree)

I believe the first lens any photographer purchases is the 50 mm lens,right? Or is it just me. It’s one of the most popular lens of all lenses. It’s been along time since we got this lens, the previous one was the Zeiss lens and of course Sony had the premium 50mm 1.2 GM. So this came out in the perfect time with the cameras coming out recently such the Sony A7 mk4 and the A7R mk5.

In my recent workshop in the Nubian Village i was able to take the new lens with me and test it out, also the attendees as well was able to have a hands on experience. For the attendees it’s already in their bucket list without a doubt, for me as I already have the 50 mm 1.2 i was really impressed. First thing that comes to my attention is the weight, yes the weight make a big difference. This will make me add more gear in my bag which will let me able to use maximum tools to capture my vision. So it is a big factor in terms of content creation. Also for videographers it will be a blessing when it comes to the gimbal balance. Getting those smooth buttery shots with the lens will make a videographer able to make moves much more easier.

Now let’s talk about the overall package. Currently I’m using the the Sony A7R mk5. Attaching the new lens to my camera was a perfect balance. Then i started to take some shots of it, we were in a sunny area in the middle of the day in aswan, after taking the shots i look into my viewfinder in the camera and zoomed in to the eye. The money shot as they say. The quality was superb for the size of the lens. You can get that 1.4 aperture bokeh and clarity of the image. From there i was shooting like a mad man, knowing all image will be amazing and don’t need to think of anything except being creative with the subject and focusing on my composition.


One the images i took a small panorama of the model. It’s just 2 images side by side and stitching them together gave extra details to the image, always try to think of that method whenever you have a chance as 50mm is a bit tight in covering areas.


Then we went to a sand dune during sunset and started to get different angles with the model and from there we start the put the lens into serious tests. Usually if i want to test a camera or a lens it’s always during the sunset, you get to see the dynamic range of the camera, coating and autofocus of the lens.

story-8 Filmmaking-2

The sun was gone and we added some small nanlite to light the models face, While i was focusing getting close ups I realized that the moon was aligned with 2 other stars. Immediately I had this image in my mind the model is Standing underneath them. So quickly i told her to stand in the point that moon and stars are aligned and took my camera and tripod and took the shot. Again zoomed in checking the model is in focus, money shot. All was in focus, sand dunes was bursting sand the moon and stars were sharp. All was perfectly executed, and this is by having the right gears, these moments are really a glimpse of time, the more you wait that small window of opportunity is gone.

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Korean Egyptian, born in Queens, New York. Filmmaker and a Photographer, Founder of Koree Films and Art and Creativity. Captures inspiring and engaging stories that serves as time capsule that connects historic culture with modern-day living.

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