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Mastering Wildlife Photography with the Sony A9III

Conducted by

Karolina Norée

Explore the Sony A9iii’s wildlife photography capabilities with Karolina Norée, focusing on pre-capture, 120fps shooting, and AI autofocus tracking.

June 07, Friday - July 31, Wednesday

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Online, South Africa

Webinar Description

Join renowned wildlife photographer Karolina Norée as she dives deep into the groundbreaking features of the Sony A9iii. Discover how pre-capture, 120fps continuous shooting, and advanced AI autofocus tracking revolutionize wildlife photography. Karolina will share her expertise and insights, demonstrating how these features can help you capture the perfect moment in nature. Whether you’re an aspiring wildlife photographer or a seasoned professional, this event will enhance your skills and inspire your next wildlife adventure.

Who Can Attend

This event is open to all wildlife photography enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals, eager to enhance their skills using the Sony A9iii.


Learn how pre-capture, 120fps continuous shooting, and AI autofocus tracking on the Sony A9iii can transform your wildlife photography. Discover practical tips and techniques from Karolina Norée.

Karolina Norée

Wildlife photographer based in South Africa, sharing the wild with as many as possible with hopes to inspire people around the world to explore the wild wherever they are.