Journey to Gouna with the FX3

By Khalifa

Khalifa takes the new Sony FX3 to a journey to Gouna, Egypt to experience the true potential of the camera for travel and lifestyle filmmakers.

Khalifa takes the new Sony FX3 to a journey to Gouna, Egypt to experience the true potential of the camera for travel and lifestyle filmmakers.

When Sony first announced the new Sony FX3, honestly, I was super excited about it. For me as a filmmaker I do a lot of travel and lifestyle content, and I think that this camera is just the perfect fit for what I do. Being able to have cinema quality with such a small body is so convenient. So, when I was given the opportunity to test out the Sony FX3 I wanted to experience the true potential of this camera. I packed my bags and headed to Gouna, one of my favorite towns in Egypt.

For me it is always a challenge to capture raw emotions, people tend to feel a bit shy or awkward in front of the camera. Even when working with professional models there is always this important need for building a connection. This connection is what makes them truly comfortable in front of the camera and with you as a filmmaker. For this project this wasn’t an issue for me since I had the pleasure to work with professional models who happen to be my close friends. This made it so much easier to communicate my vision with them.

How I approached this project is that I wanted everyone to simply have fun on this trip for me to capture genuine moments as they happen. During the first day we settled in our apartment in Gouna, got to discuss the plans for the following two days in terms of activities, styling and shots. Then we managed to get things going and shoot for a bit around Gouna. On the second day during the morning we got on a boat, where we enjoyed the beautiful water of Bayoud. To complete the picture, we were so lucky to stumble upon some dolphins. For our third and final day we went hiking in the mountains right across Gouna and later that day we continued shooting all around the Abu Tig marina, where we were able to capture the true beauty of Gouna together with the lifestyle that different artists experience.

I am really happy with how this project turned out, and I will be releasing my full review on the camera very soon. I will share my thoughts on the all new cooling system, redesigned body and S-Cinetone together with some behind the scenes of the project.

Khalifa is a filmmaker & content creator based in Cairo, Egypt. Eight years ago, he started his film-making career with several short documentaries, some of which have competed and won in local & international film festivals. Currently more focused on capturing travel & lifestyle content, working with leading local & international clients, such as Mini, Sofitel Legend & Park Hyatt.

Ever since he started he always believed that the beauty of film-making is in the process itself, the hours that you put in thinking, exploring and experiencing – and it is not only about the technicalities, shooting and editing; it’s learning how to tell a good story, how to explore and deliver feelings rather than shying away from them

About Khalifa

An independent Filmmaker based in-between Cairo & Berlin. Started his filmmaking career with short documentaries, winning in local & international film festivals. Currently focus on travel & lifestyle content, working with international clients.

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