G Master Lenses Lineup – Review

By Remon Elmarkiz

Overall, when it comes to G Master lenses, I have no doubt I will be getting the best image quality possible out of my Sony cameras. Built using the latest materials to minimize weight despite the often-complex optical formulae, with heavy weather sealing and having the best available lens coatings to minimize flare and maximize contrast, these lenses are increasing in performance and reliability with every update.

Investing in good glass has been many photographers’ choice when it comes to gear upgrades—including myself—, and when you are looking for the best glass for your E-Mount camera, there is no better choice than G Master lenses. In this past period, Sony introduced new specialized and unique GM lenses to cater to the professionals' needs. I’ve been using some of these lenses in my photo and video work. Below is my opinion on their quality and performance.

• FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM: On its release, this lens was the fastest aperture wide angle lens ever produced. With F2.8 and the reliable GM glass with minimal distortion at all ranges, shooting interiors and night scenes couldn’t have gone any better. Whenever I needed the wide/ultra-wide perspective, this was my go-to lens, I even used it at weddings during parties to capture some remarkable moments.

• FE 35mm f/1.4 GM: The most popular lens among wedding, travel, and street photographers. This is Sony's first 35mm G Master lens, and it incorporates all of the latest technologies. The Dual XD linear focus motors provide the fastest possible autofocus performance. Added to the fact that it has a super-fast aperture, this lens is probably one of the fastest and most accurate lenses I’ve ever used. It creates sharp and crisp images with fast-moving subjects—people dancing in my case—the F1.4 helps create beautiful bokeh, which is perfect for pleasant portraits as well.

FE 50mm f/1.2 GM:

50mm is personally my favorite focal length, it’s always on one of my two camera bodies. When Sony released this lens, I didn’t hesitate one bit to upgrade from my Zeiss Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA. Again, having all the G Master high-end features, from XD linear focus motors combined with the wide F1.2 aperture and top-of-the-line optical performance, this lens is a no-brainer for any wedding or portrait photographer looking to achieve the best results in his work.

• FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS II: The 70-200mm zoom range is rarely needed in my work; I rarely have it in my camera bag. However, when I got to try this new lens last month in a challenging shoot, I discovered there were many advantages to having it with me. It allowed me to capture different compositions while standing in roughly the same spot; any fixed prime would not have gotten the job because it was not easy to maneuver along the mountainside. Upon handling it for the first time, I noticed how light it was compared to its predecessor; it's around 400 grams lighter. The focus is super quick, it snaps to the subject instantaneously and the images are tack sharp even after sunset at low light. I can’t wait to try shooting sports with it.

About Remon Elmarkiz

With over a decade of experience in wedding photography, Remon is constantly looking for new challenges to tackle. His passion for portraits, food & music have led himtoexplore most genres of commercial photography as well as filmmaking.

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