Jashn 2024


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Jashn is the largest inter-university and inter-school cultural festival organized by BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. With a rich history spanning 17 years, our focus for Jashn 2024 is to elevate it to new heights.

From April 15th to 18th, 2024, our campus will host students from universities and schools across the UAE and India, engaging in diverse cultural events. Jashn em-bodies a celebration of talent, dedication, and enthusiasm, firmly rooted in the belief that excellence is not merely an action but a cultivated habit.

The Venue

BITS Pilani

Outdoor and Indoor stage setup
with LED screen and state-of-the-art sound system.

The Attendees

Expected Footfall

5000+ University and School students
hailing from 7 emirates as well as BITS’ sister campuses

Jashn: A CSR Initiative

This year we will focus on addressing key environmental challenges by taking
following measures:

1. All official communications will be digitally disseminated through our social media platforms, adhering to a paper-less ethos for Jashn 2024!

2. Volunteers will undergo training to actively contribute to waste reduction. Proper disposal methods will be applied for recyclables, paper napkins, condiments, and unserved food, steering clear of indiscriminate disposal.

3. Strategically positioned bins and systematic waste segregation will be put in place.

4. Utilization of recycled materials for Jashn 2024 decorations.

5. Launch Social Media campaigns to raise awareness regarding the matter.

Fashion events at Jashn


Ramp Walk

Fashion Show redefined at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. Bear witness to some of the most glamorous outfits modelled by students from over 20 universities around the UAE. Apart from being one of the most hyped events at Jashn, it is also one of the grandest shows to watch.


Fashion is not just the costume or the model wearing it, its about the creativity of designs and the artist’s vision. Drape brings forward the designing brilliance of budding designers with a taste of grandeur.


Dance events at Jashn


Solo Battle

Solo Battle is a 1 vs 1 dance event featuring two rounds of spontaneous on-the-spot performances. Participants
showcase their improvisational skills, crafting magnificent dances in response to DJ-selected music.


Contemporary, jazz, bollywood, tango, salsa… you name it, we’ve got it! Come join our foot-loose duos as they dazzle with their razzle.



One of the most popular events, the Western & Eastern group Dances. Step up and save the last dance for us in this high-energy, highstakes competition between the best of performers as the youth proves you can’t trump us for passion.

Music events at Jashn



Uber-talented individual performers wow the crowd with breathtaking solo performances, filling the atmosphere with their vocals and knocking everyone off their feet.


Perfectly matched pairs come on stage to emmesh their voices in perfectly tuned lyrical crescendo, sending the audience deep into melodious bliss.


Battle of Bands

Universities clash in rhythmic strife, bands converge for the Battle of life. Melodies duel, lyrics ignite, in the arena where music takes flight.

Drama events at Jashn


One Mic Stand

One Mic Stand is a uproarious stand-up comedy event where comedians take the stage for a solo performance, delivering side-splitting humor to entertain the audience with their unique comedic flair.

Stage Play

Proscenium, the stage play event where acting brilliance shines, with skilled performers delivering powerful, immersive experiences through compelling scripts and meticulous direction.


Street Play

Nukkad Natak, the grassroots theatre event where actors solely rely on emotions to convey powerful social messages, creating impactful performances in an intimate street setting.

Twist in the Tale

Twist in the Tale features improv acting, where performers spontaneously complete given scenes on the spot, injecting creativity and humor into unpredictable narratives.


Photography events at Jashn



Capturing the world through your lens is what Pixels is about. A theme based online photography competition at Jashn which receives entries across the globe and the top 10 are displayed to compete for the finals.

Final Cut

Final Cut unfolds, frames capturing Jashn’s vibrant flames. Audience lenses dance, ignite, moments frozen, memories alight.

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