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Elevate Your Gaming Setup!

Conducted by

Amr Beshr

Check out B3shr new camera setup along with his all new studio tour!

April 10, Wednesday - May 08, Wednesday

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Online, Egypt

Webinar Description

In this webinar B3shr will unveil with you his new gaming setup. In addition he will share with you his latest camera and lens grade and how he shoots his videos.

Who Can Attend

Gaming Content Creators


B3shr will share with you in this video his full camera setup and how he was able to upgrade not only his camera body but also his lenses range.

Amr Beshr

At 28 Amr Beshr (B3shr) turned his passion for gaming & making videos into his full time job. As a gamer he loves to explore new games & ideas, and as a YouTuber, he likes to bring these ideas to life through high quality engaging videos. He enjoys sharing a blend of gaming, live streams, reviews, and entertaining content in long/short form videos.For Amr, his cameras are the storytellers that turn his ideas into captivating visuals.