Wedding Heritage by Zainab Alkhayat Using A7R5

By Zainab Alkhayat

The news of the launch of the latest version of the Alpha 7R V camera was very exciting. We never expected the new features, especially their interest in the video aspect. Like what we knew from the R-class with its high resolution, Sony kept this important unique feature in this category, but the new processor was beyond the expectations which is the first artificial intelligence processor of its kind to be found in this camera.

The camera launch project for the Middle East and Africa was set to be in a unique identity in terms of the Arabic touch, the Middle Eastern culture and African art, which challenged all contributors to come up with a work that reflect their identity and at the same time highlights the features and specifications of the new camera. Sony requested from us to come up with a project of an Arabic theme. I, as Zainab AlKhayat from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, my choice was to reflect the Arabic wedding and urban heritage in order to highlight my way of work and at the same time my heritage. Since I am a wedding cinematographer, I decided to choose this topic.

The story of the video is to highlight the authentic Arab culture in representing the way the Arab man proposes to the bride by sending a telegram to ask for her hand and embodying the bride’s modesty in acceptance while maintaining chastity and shyness.

We chose a heritage place for several reasons. The first reason to embody the Arab culture by highlighting the architecture and the second and most important reason is to test the camera under certain conditions.

We were so impressed by the high focus success rate. We took the shots more than once to be sure, and the result was an impressive success even with a wide aperture. We were also not expecting to use 8K resolution because it is new to the way we work, but the specifications of the camera itself are an inspiration for filmmakers, not just photographers, as we knew it from previous R releases. The new menu is very convenient and shortens a lot of time in switching between settings. Finally, the amazing screen design saved us a lot of time in taking different angles without stopping and re-adjusting the balance of the gimbal.

Our next aspirations in using the camera are to enjoy artificial intelligence technology in projects where the moment is the most important thing, because in filming weddings, you cannot repeat the moment, nor can you repeat the real feelings.

About Zainab Alkhayat

Zainab Alkhayat is a Saudi professional cinematographer since 2016. She owned her first Sony camera in 2005. She is specilized in wedding cinematography and photography. She started her career in 2017 as a photographer, then film editor. After that, she became a director of photography. She developed her skills by attending several production locations, training courses, workshops, seminars and lectures at universities, art colleges, and cultural centres in the field of cinematography and video editing since 2014.

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