Landscape Photography

Photo by Sarah Al Sayegh

Lenses for Landscape Photography

Standout landscapes have clarity and detail, with consistent colour edge-to-edge. The best lenses to use have a short focal length (20–35 mm) and wide angle of view to capture the most scenery. A tripod is helpful for shooting at narrower f-stop, for maximum detail.

See it. Imagine it. Capture it.

The skilled photographer sees a scene, imagines how to capture it as a great photo, and then takes on the technical challenge of composing and capturing the image. Having a variety of lenses gives you the precision tools needed to translate imagination into image.

G Master Lens for Landscape Photography

Prakash Kumar Singh talks about his experience with G Master Lens

I was lucky enough to use almost all the Sony “G Master” series lenses over a period of time be it 16-35GM F/2.8, 24mm GM F/1.4 or 70-200GM F/2.8.

Sony has some impressive lens lineup & over the years it has grown a lot but my favorite is 16-35GM & this is my all-time go to & most used lens. It has a aperture of f/2.8 to f/22 with 11 blade circular diaphragm and 16 elements in 13 groups. Having 16mm on a full frame body is very wide & not too wide to distort vertical lines or images out of proportion.

The lens is light & very rugged & I have used this lens under all the weather condition be it Dubai’s 45° under sand storm or Iceland’s – 6° under snowfall, each & every time the lens holds to it’s potential.

The image quality is very sharp on all focal length & having f/2.8 helps me in night photography. The lens has an awesome auto focus & the most helpful part is the small focus switch on the side which makes it easy to use while focusing. It’s not at all a complicated lens anyone can simply pick it up & use it right away. Below you will see some of the sample images taken with 16-35 G Master lens.

G Master Lens for Other Genres

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