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Why You Should Switch To Manual Mode – Episode 4/4

Conducted by

Louw Lemmer

Follow along as Louw Lemmer defines and shows how you can use aperture correctly and to your creative advantage in real world situations.

March 21, Monday - April 04, Monday

10:00 AM

South Africa, South Africa

Webinar Description

If you can master aperture, you’re taking the first steps to cementing your very own recognisable style as a photographer. It’s time to switch from automatic settings to manual settings and make the most of your new camera. In this video, Louw Lemmer will be guiding you through the basics of aperture, all the way from definition to practical application in real world scenarios. After this course, you’ll be able to better understand aperture and the creative impact it has on photography.

Who Can Attend

This video is especially aimed at those who have little to no experience with cameras and how to shoot in manual mode.


It’s time to make the switch from automatic mode to manual mode. In this video, Louw Lemmer guides novice photographers through the basics of aperture and how to best apply it to their photography.

Louw Lemmer

Louw Lemmer is a Namibian born and Pretoria based visual content creator. He is known for his striking portraits, unique colour grading and engaging personality. His unique eye and story-telling ability sets him apart in an industry with so much competition. Louw enjoys being behind the lens as a creator and in front of the camera as an educator. He is also a keen believer in failing forward and sees adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow. Louw is a great believer in community building and always welcomes direct interactions. Find out more about Louw on Instagram, @LouwLemmer.