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Walking through frames

Conducted by

Farida Bustani

Embark on a captivating architectural photography photo-walk with Farida Bustani on September 23rd at District 5. Elevate your architectural photography skills and unleash your creativity.

September 23, Saturday

3:30 PM - 8:00 PM

District 5, New Cairo, Egypt

Workshops Description

Sony and SYNC invite you to attend an immersive architectural photography photo-walk with the renowned photographer Farida Bustani on September 23rd. Explore the enchanting streets and hidden treasures of District 5, Marakez while capturing stunning architectural marvels. This event welcomes photography enthusiasts of all levels, providing the perfect opportunity to refine your skills, discover Sony gear, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t miss this chance to expand your creative horizons and elevate your architectural photography game!

Who Can Attend

This event is open to photography enthusiasts of all levels.


During this 3-hour event, Farida Bustani will guide participants in architectural photography. Topics covered include camera usage, angles, patterns, storytelling, lighting, and developing a unique style. Participants will also engage in hands-on practice, picture selection, final feedback, and open Q&A.

Farida Bustani

Farida Bustani is a distinguished architectural photographer leading this Architectural Photography Photo Walk. With extensive expertise in capturing architectural beauty, Farida specializes in emphasizing details, angles, and lighting. Her interactive teaching style ensures a dynamic learning experience, allowing participants to discover their individual photographic style. Farida's guidance will help you master the art of architectural photography and take your skills to new heights.