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Unlock your creativity

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Unlock your Creativity with the one and only master class brought to you by Patangeer that will change the way you think and create!

August 20, Saturday - September 05, Monday

Pakistan, Pakistan

Webinar Description

Unlock Your Creativity – Patangeer is holding a master class where they will be disclosing ALL their secrets about content creation FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! The biggest issue all of us creators face is getting past that procrastination stage to get started and achieving that insane level of consistency. Yupe, we heard you and we got you covered! All of this will be covered in detail in the workshop! A complete end-to-end explanation of EVERYTHING you need to know to start creating. How to get started, how to remain consistent and relevant yet unique, and how to achieve the desired final prodcut. We will also show you how the new Sony ZV-EV10 can help you unlock your creativity in the most simplest ways. We will break down all the techniques and approaches required so even a beginner can start their creation journey after this workshop!

Who Can Attend

All of this will be covered in detail in the workshop


This workshop will answer 5 major questions every content creator needs to know: How to choose the right gear for yourself; The importance of brainstorming and sharing our approach; New foundations to old camera techniques; How to add value to your content; and Creating your own personality and niche.


Amtul and Fahad, are Pakistan's first travel couple who are changing the game of local content. They challenge how creativity is viewed and perceived in their industry by pushing the boundaries of content. They are amongst the few creative and innovative content creators of Pakistan in their truest form. Patangeer is known for their videos to be different, experimental, unique, and out of the box. Being the only couple in Pakistan making mind-blowing content with high-value productions, they don’t define themselves to one genre. They started with travel niche, but now they excel in podcasts, comedy, food videos, music videos, narratives, car videos and much more. They believe that one must never have any limitations and should always be scaling up.