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Think Like a Cinematographer / Act Like a Content Creator

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Elevate your content creation game at our one-day workshop with cinematographer and content creator Nofal (@nofalfilms). Learn from a pro and unleash your creativity.

September 26, Tuesday

5:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Distrct 5, New Cairo, Egypt

Workshops Description

Join Sony & SYNC for an exclusive one-day Content Creation Workshop: “Think Like a Cinematographer, Act Like a Content Creator” in collaboration with Sony. Whether you’re an emerging videographer or aspiring content creator, this immersive 4-hour class is designed to elevate your skills. Dive into visual storytelling with industry professional Nofal to gain insights on setup, camera settings, lighting, editing, and the creator mindset. Leave with the confidence to craft compelling visuals that resonate with your audience.

Who Can Attend

This workshop welcomes both emerging videographers and aspiring content creators. Dive into the world of visual storytelling with industry pro Nofal, gaining invaluable insights and skills.


In this 4-hour workshop, Nofal covers pre-production setup, camera settings, lighting, editing, and the creator mindset. Participants work in teams, practice setup, and receive feedback. The workshop ends with a Q&A and constructive feedback session.


Nofal, the creative force behind @nofalfilms, is a rising star in content creation and cinematography. With over 50K followers, he's a trusted resource for aspiring creators, known for his passion and talent. His collaborations with international brands like Four Seasons, Adidas, and LG showcase his exceptional skills. In this workshop, Nofal shares his expertise in setup, camera techniques, lighting, and editing, empowering participants to create compelling content. His dedication and visionary approach to digital creation promise to inspire and elevate your content game.