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The Sharpest Wide Angle Lens In The World

Conducted by

Hossam Antikka

See how you can add a different presepective to your next photoshoot with the 24mm G Master lens.

May 03, Tuesday - May 17, Tuesday

Egypt, Egypt

Webinar Description

Looking to add a bit of a twist to your photography?In this webinar Antikka will show how you can use the ultra wide 24mm G Master lens in your next portrait shoot.

Who Can Attend

Aspiring content creators.


24mm GM lens review & how you can use it for portrait photography.

Hossam Antikka

Hossam Antikka is more than just a photographer, he is an instructor, Art director and film Maker. Antikka became a social media sensation in the early 2010s because of his unique style of shooting and the way he manages to bring unorthodox elements in different settings. On a more personal level, he is  known with his extraverted & out going personality which you can immediately sense when you head to his social media platforms & see how he engages with the millions of people who follow him.  His desire is to always create artistic and lively images that capture the essence of people's emotions.  Always setting the bar high for himself to reach new heights. 

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