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The Perfect Lenses for Food Photography – With Linda Hächler

Conducted by

Linda Hachler

Join acclaimed food photographer Linda Hächler in an online workshop as she unveils her top three Sony lenses.

December 20, Wednesday - January 31, Wednesday

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Online, South Africa

Webinar Description

Embark on a delectable visual journey with acclaimed food photographer Linda Hächler. In this workshop, Linda unveils the magic behind her three preferred Sony lenses for food photography. Drawing from her extensive experience working with major brands, Linda shares insights, techniques, and creative approaches to capturing mouthwatering culinary moments.

Who Can Attend

Open to anyone interested in Food Photography


Linda Hächler guides you through her favorite Sony lenses, sharing tips and techniques for capturing mouth-watering food photography. Learn how she applies her skills from commercial collaborations.

Linda Hachler

Linda Hächler, a Johannesburg-based food photographer, has left her artistic imprint on major brands. With a keen eye for detail, Linda brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the art of food photography. Join her workshop to unlock the secrets behind stunning culinary visuals.