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The Future of AI in Photography & Filmmaking featuring Mr. Tahir Malik

Conducted by

Kashif Rashid

Attend our workshop, "The Future of AI in Photography and Filmmaking," featuring Kashif Rashid, Sony Alpha Brand Ambassador, and Mr. Tahir Malik, CEO of PureDesigners. Explore AI's transformative role in these arts and Sony's innovative advancements. This event offers engaging talks, interactive ses...

February 06, Tuesday

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Royal Rodale, TC-V 34th St, Off Khayaban - e - Seher Phase V Defence V DHA , Karachi, Pakistan

Workshops Description

Join us for an insightful workshop on “The Future of AI in Photography and Filmmaking,” led by Kashif Rashid, Sony Alpha Brand Ambassador and Mr. Tahir Malik CEO of PureDesigners, a leading digital marketing and AI consultant. Explore the current and future role of AI in transforming these creative fields and discover Sony’s innovative contributions to this evolving landscape. This event promises to be an engaging blend of presentations, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities for photography and filmmaking enthusiasts keen on understanding AI’s growing impact.

Who Can Attend

Photographers and Filmmakers


Welcome and Introduction The Current State of AI in Photography and Filmmaking * Insights into current AI technologies in cameras and filmmaking tools * Examples from Sony's latest innovations Guest Speaker Session: Mr. Tahir Malik * Presentation on AI applications in professional photography and filmmaking * Mr. Malik's experiences and perspectives Interactive Session: AI's Impact on Creative Processes * Testing new tech on live subjects Q&A Session (20 mins) Networking and Closing Remarks

Kashif Rashid

Always been passionate about photography and is a self-taught photographer. He got his first photography project doing fashion photography for a local designer back in 2007 and has never looked back.

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