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The Exposure Triangle With Murtada

Conducted by

Murtada Al-Hamood

Detaching the exposure triangle.

May 25, Wednesday

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Modern Electronics - Sony Dammam corniche Road - Al Ashriah ST, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

Every photographer and videographer has to learn the exposure triangle to control the amount of light that gets the camera. Murtada will teach you why that’s approach is not acceptable and what is the correct way of controlling the camera’s exposure, the history of ISO and why he doesn’t consider it a real exposure tool that controls the exposure and what is the real benefit of ISO.

Who Can Attend

Any photographer or videographer that wants to know the real exposure tools


Learning how to expose with the right tools and how to achieve your look with the correct exposure tools

Murtada Al-Hamood

Murtada is a Filmmaker that started his journey as a photographer in 2006, as an editor/videographer in 2009, he became a filmmaker in 2016 and finally he started his YouTube channel (M TUTs) in 2017 as a content creator where he spread his knowledge.