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The ECM-B10 Mic for your Alpha Camera

Conducted by

Andrew Wadid

Deep dive in how the ECM-B10 mic can elevate your audio production with your Alpha gear.

April 15, Saturday - April 29, Saturday

12:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Egypt, Egypt

Webinar Description

In this webinar, Andrew talks about the Sony ECM microphones that use the digital hot-shoe interface to transfer audio signals directly to the camera, especially the all rounded ECM-B10 microphone. He shows all the design and hardware features of this microphone, along with all the audio key features that make this microphone stand out and exceed all the expectations from a diverse microphone with this compact size and form factor. Including the different pick-up patterns, built-in filters, audio controls and more.

Who Can Attend

Vloggers & videographers


Learn about all the ECM-B10 mic features and see how it fairs vs the other Sony shotgun mic offerings.

Andrew Wadid

Andrew is an Egyptian architect based in Cairo who is very much interested in filmmaking, technology and music production. He started his channels on social media platforms in 2020 talking about all the new tech gadgets, smart devices, camera gear and wearables. Meanwhile, his passion for videography, filmmaking and content creation kept growing making his own videos, client videos, and consulting new content creators to start making videos and prepare a setup for shooting.