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The Art of Storytelling through Vlogging

Conducted by

Jamshed Burki

Join our dynamic and rapidly evolving vlogging workshop led by famous vlogger Jamshed Burki! Learn the art of storytelling and engage your audience through captivating content.

July 23, Sunday

4:30 PM - 6:45 PM

Kickstart, 189 Korang Road, I-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Workshops Description

Vlogging is an ever-changing medium that enables creators to connect with their audience in innovative ways. To succeed in vlogging, understanding storytelling and engaging viewers through captivating content is crucial. Join our workshop led by renowned vlogger Jamshed Burki, who boasts a massive following on social media. Learn from his expertise in vlogging, spanning content creation, editing, and post-production. Gain insights into crafting compelling narratives, capturing top-notch video and audio, and editing footage to make it truly remarkable. This workshop offers a unique chance to gain hands-on experience and learn from one of the industry’s finest.

Who Can Attend

This workshop is open to individuals interested in creating high-quality vlogs, travel films, and documentaries.


The speaker will guide you in crafting your video script, offering advice on working in the field, and will provide tips for efficiently executing your content during post-production.

Jamshed Burki

Jamshed Burki, a seasoned travel vlogger and filmmaker, boasts extensive expertise in crafting captivating vlogs. Embarking on his journey from Pakistan's tribal area, he has produced over 200 mesmerizing vlogs. His talent has garnered attention from international media, leading to interviews on various national television and social media channels. Thanks to the intriguing content he produces, Jamshed has cultivated a substantial following across social media platforms. His influential presence has played a vital role in promoting tourism in Pakistan by showcasing its wonders in a remarkable manner.