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Step Up Your Content Creation Game!

Conducted by

Nouman Raees

Content creation is on rise but to level up your game in this genre you need to gear up smartly. Lets explore ZV1.

July 24, Sunday - September 07, Wednesday

9:00 AM

Pakistan, Pakistan

Webinar Description

Content Creation is still on the rise and it has been years now, from smart phones to professional cameras, everyone is happily contributing. Smart phones usually become the first choice of content creators because of their portability but it is impossible to generate high resolution professional looking photos and videos with smaller sensor. In the same way, professional cameras can do everything but are bulky and heavy in size. What if we discuss about a machine that can do it all. It’s portable, can take high resolution photos and videos and falls in your budget. Yes, it’s the Sony ZV-1.

Who Can Attend

Youtubers, Tiktokers, Travel Vloggers and Social Media Content Creators who are willing to upgrade their setup.


In this video we discuss about the Sony ZV-1, a small, portable, hand sized machine that can full-fill all needs of a content creator. From home based videos/photos to making professional high resolution videos/photos for brands. We go through all the camera settings, in built features and how the Sony ZV-1 can contribute directly in daily life of a content creator to create better content online.

Nouman Raees

Shuttergames is a Photography/Filmmaking Studio run by Nouman Raees. A Photographer cum youtuber who’s journey started 10 years ago as a beginner. Later with his dedication, he was able to switch himself to the world’s latest and most advanced Mirrorless Camera system owned by Sony. His immense love for Camera Philosophy has allowed him to develop an Aesthetic sense which he uses in the best way.

Members Attending this Event

Gops Brahma
Gops Brahma

United Arab Emirates


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