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Start your Video creation and Storytelling Journey with the ZV-1F – Part 5

Conducted by

Raneen Joudah

In this series of workshop, Raneen will take you through the entire journey of vlogging and storytelling. You will start with an introduction and ending it with a practical and hands-on experience

January 19, Thursday

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Children's World International School 8491 Ibrahim Amin Foudah, 4327, AR Rawdah District, Jeddah 23434, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

Start your content creation journey with ZV-1F. Learn all about storytelling and vlogging from start to end with hands-on experience. This workshop will introduce you to the 3 stages of production up until the execution of your video. Plan your story, create your content and edit it. Experience the ZV-1F as the best and easy vlog camera to start switching from your phone camera to get a high quality content.

Who Can Attend

Students in Children's World International School in Jeddah, KSA


In this workshop the attendees will be able to learn about the most important tips for creating a short film. Starting from choosing the topic, to building the story time line, framing and composition, and basic lighting. A hands on camera session will be conducted using Sony new vlogging camera ZV-1F. A competition will be conducted at the end of the 4th session to attendees, where each group will be using the ZV-1F to create their own short story video and one group will win

Raneen Joudah

An Arab female content creator, self-taught Cook, Videographer/Photographer who is aiming to enrich the Arabic content in the most beneficial and representable way. Founder of Raneens.Table; a unique content experience of a well-produced high-end visual videos, and beautifully shot images that combine food and art at once

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