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QHT unveiling the Art of Visual Storytelling in Portraiture

Conducted by

Qaiser Hafeez Taqi

Discover the secrets of fine art portraiture with QHT at the 'Creative Portraiture: A Sony Alpha Workshop.' Participants will explore innovative techniques and capture compelling stories through hands-on learning, embracing creativity with Sony Alpha

February 17, Saturday

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

All Set 61 B2 Riaz Ali Shah Road Gulberg 3 Lahore., Pakistan

Workshops Description

Embark on a captivating journey with Qaiser Hafeez Taqi (QHT), a distinguished fine art portrait photographer with over 16 years of experience. Attend ‘Creative Portraiture: A Workshop with Sony Alpha,’ where QHT shares insights into the art of fine art portraiture. Immerse yourself in innovative methods and techniques, exploring the nuances of capturing compelling stories through portraiture. This hands-on workshop promises a unique experience with live model shoots on customized sets, utilizing cutting-edge lighting techniques and the advanced features of Sony Alpha cameras. Uncover the secrets of fine art portraiture with QHT, embracing the unparalleled creativity empowered by Sony Alpha’s technology.

Who Can Attend

Open to photographers, filmmakers, and creative minds eager to explore the world of fine art portraiture. Join QHT's workshop to unlock new perspectives and harness the creative power of Sony Alpha cameras.


Agenda for QHT's workshop is to dive into fine art portraiture techniques, engage in live model shoots, and unlock creative insights. Experience the power of Sony Alpha in this dynamic learning session.

Qaiser Hafeez Taqi

Qaiser Hafeez Taqi (QHT), a distinguished fine art portrait photographer with over 16 years of expertise, specializes in Portraits from the UK. His commitment to using art for compelling and intimate storytelling, shedding light on social issues, is evident in his work. With a unique storytelling and visual style, well-suited to film, QHT is not just a professional but also a mentor in film and photography for the past 15 years. Striving to evoke meaningful emotions and narratives, he stands as a true artist dedicated to the power of visual storytelling