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National Day – Start your Career as a Photographer

Conducted by

Aziz AlUla

Alpha Ambassadors

a seminar to guide you through the steps of building a career in photograghy

September 16, Saturday

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Sidra Arts- jax District, Riyadh 21944- Riydah / أستديو سيدرة الفنون - منطقه جاكس الدرعيه, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

This seminar aims to learning you the most important 6 Steps to build a personal brand in photography and Start your career as a photographer.

Who Can Attend

All photographers


• Why do you want to become a professional Photographer and learning The importance of finding your why. Then Questions to help you find your why.

Aziz AlUla

Aziz AlUla is a Sony ambassador. He is a self-taught Saudi photographer and film maker based in AlUla Saudi Arabia. Founder of the Nabataean Studio.

Alpha Ambassadors