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National Day – Splash Photography and Freeze Motion

Conducted by

Ali Almadeh

Alpha Ambassadors

In this workshop, Ali will share the correct techniques for filming the product freezing process

September 16, Saturday

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Sidra Arts- jax District, Riyadh 21944- Riydah / أستديو سيدرة الفنون - منطقه جاكس الدرعيه, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

IN this workshop we will talk about Product photography (freeze motion) also will talk about the necessary preparations for filming, including lighting, lens selection, and camera settings, and talk about the camera and lens used.

Who Can Attend

This workshop is for advanced photographers who want to improve their artwork for commercial product photography


Choosing the appropriate lighting for photography, Methods of distribution of lighting and photography used & Adjust the camera settings and choose the appropriate lens for photography. Practical workshop for filming the freeze motion (volatile art)

Ali Almadeh

Ali Almadeh . From Saudi Arabia, a photographer interested in product photography. started shooting in 2010. I participated in many photography forums and exhibitions and presented many workshops in his presence as well as through social media programs to spread this beautiful art in the world.

Alpha Ambassadors