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My Process for Making Documentary Films

Conducted by

Daro Umaigba

Enter the enchanting realm of documentary filmmaking—where ideas spark, stories unfold, and passion meets artistry, revealing extraordinary tales of humanity.

September 01, Friday - September 22, Friday

8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Lagos, Nigeria

Webinar Description

Step into the fascinating world of documentary filmmaking, where creativity knows no bounds! It all begins with that exciting lightbulb moment—an idea that sets our hearts racing. Passion meets research, discovery and deep diving into captivating stories, while exploring various angles and piecing together narratives that tug at heartstrings. And when it’s time to get technical, we eagerly bring our vision to life through artful cinematography and soul-stirring soundscapes. Welcome to the magical realm of documentary filmmaking, where human stories come alive.

Who Can Attend

Documentary Filmmakers, Videographers, Directors, Story enthusiasts


Daro talks about his process and gears

Daro Umaigba

Daro Umaigba is an Award winning multi talented Filmmaker, Photographer and Visual Design artist who loves to tell African stories through a contemporary lens. His career spans over a decade and has been the brains behind a lot of opening titles for popular TV shows within and outside his home country Nigeria. Daro’s love for creating deeper engagement experiences with the African culture, has brought him into the nonfictional storytelling space. His eclectic and Culture centric style permeates all his work and he is always in the running to present the best African narrative on a global stage.

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