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My Journey to switch on Sony by Hsn Tiwana

Conducted by

Muhammad Hassan Talal Tiwana

Thrilled to discuss how Sony lenses transformed my photography journey at the event. From clarity to adaptability, it's a quick dive into creativity and cutting-edge tech.

January 27, Saturday

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Gymkhana Sargodha 404 Club Road, Sargodha, Punjab 40100 , Sargodha, Pakistan

Workshops Description

Thrilled to share my journey with Sony camera lenses in upcoming event! These lenses have truly transformed my photography. From delivering exceptional clarity to adapting seamlessly in various conditions, Sony Alpha’s lenses have elevated my creative expression. I’ll discuss capturing vibrant moments in Sargodha and beyond, highlighting their versatility and overall enhancement of my photographic experience. Join us for an insightful exploration into the powerful synergy between creativity and cutting-edge technology. It’s a firsthand look at how Sony lenses have become an integral part of my journey, shaping the way I capture and share moments.

Who Can Attend

Inviting photographers, videographers, vloggers, and content creators to my event. Try new Sony Camera and Lenses. Capture, create, and share memorable moments. Your unique perspectives contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the experience!


Share my Sony camera lens experiences, offering hands-on experience for attending photographers with various Sony camera equipment. Explore and capture the possibilities together

Muhammad Hassan Talal Tiwana

Hsn Tiwana, a self-taught photographer hailing from Sargodha, boasts an impressive array of achievements. He stands as the exclusive artist chosen from 150+ countries for NFT in Quint.io, with publications by PCB and features in exhibitions organized by Spain Embassy and Pakistan's Foreign Ministry. His work extends globally, from UK and France to National Geographic Magazine. Media interviews by major outlets and documentaries on diverse subjects underscore his versatility. With a strong social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Hsn Tiwanal continues to leave a lasting imprint in the world of photography.