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Meetup With Landscape Photographers & Travelougers

Conducted by

Muhammad Asmar Hussain

Kamran Ali

Lets meet Asmar Hussain, Kamran on bike and Umaima Tanvir and talk about about process of shooting breathtaking landscapes from their travelling experience.

April 29, Friday

10:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Zoom Webinar, Pakistan

Webinar Description

Asmar Hussain is inviiting well known Traveloger and Landscape photographer Mr. Kamran known as Kamran on Bike and a very talented Landscape photographer Ms. Umaima Tanvir, to discuss Landscape Photography is very vast and diverse field, one of most difficult genre in Photography as well. It take a lot of effort bringing back beautiful landscape after traveling thousands of Kilometers. We will discuss about the Elements of Photographic Composition. What elements make a Photograph Stand out. How Sony Mirrorless bodies and Sony lens combo play key role in exposing beautiful Landscapes.

Who Can Attend

All Photography enthusiasts or Nature lovers who love to shoot Landscapes or love to Travel, Not necessarily to own Sony Camera.


Meetup with Landscape Photographers and Travelogours, Essential Components of Shooting Breathtaking Landscapes, The role of Light, Composition, selection of lenses & The Dynamic range to captured balanced landscape Photograph.

Muhammad Asmar Hussain

An Engineer by Profession, is a Passionate, Hobbyist & an award-winning Landscape Photographer from Pakistan. In 2008, he started landscape photography with his mobile phone for a purpose to Promote Beautiful yet unseen Vistas of Pakistan. 14 years later, he is not only an accomplished Photographer but he has bagged several awards for his distinguished skills. His Photography Passion took it to next level by showcasing beautiful Valleys around The Karakorum, The Hindukush and The Himalayas. Today his landscapes are famous for the authenticity and awe-inspiring scenes captured rawly through the Lens.

Kamran Ali

Kamran Ali (KamranOnBike) is a cyclist photographer on around-the-world trip for last Six years. He has covered 50,000 km through 43 countries in four continents. Kamran cycled 10,000 kilometers from Germany to Pakistan and 33,100 kilometers from Ushuaia in Argentina, to Alaska. He is the first and only Pakistani to have travelled the entire length of the Americas by bicycle. During his bicycle travels, Kamran has published hundreds of photo essays and stories on various subjects, from travel to documentary to indigenous cultures and stories of people, places, and borders.

Umaima Tanveer

Umaima Tanveer is a Visual Artist & a Landscape Photographer. She started her journey as a Mobile Phone photographer & one of her images captured from Phone won gold medal in a national photography competition. This motivation led her to bag several awards as well as her work exhibited international and nationally too. Her Landscape work is all about “Play of Light” especially the Golden and Blue Hours. She is Light Chaser; “Light is a symbol of hope and joy and this reflects in her work too.

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