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Maximize your Travel Photography: Choosing the right Lens

Conducted by

Maher Ismail

This webinar goes over how to make the most out of your photography by learning about focal length and lens choices as a photographer.

March 10, Friday - March 24, Friday

4:00 PM - 11:45 PM

Egypt, Egypt

Webinar Description

Travel Photographers are always on the move and need to be able to pack in the most efficient way possible. Understanding their gear and their lenses is an absolute requirement to be able to travel safely, successfully, and make the most out of each trip. In this webinar, Maher covers the differences in lenses, shows example photos of each range, and equips the viewer with the knowledge necessary to choose the best lenses for their traveling needs.

Who Can Attend

This webinar is suitable for anyone who is interested in travel photography and how to select the best gear. No prior photography experience is required.


Intro. What is Focal Length? How does focal length impact your photos? How your sensor affects your focal length. How to choose the best focal length while traveling. Best lens for traveling? Lens combinations. Utilizing your phone. How powerful knowing your focal length can be. Outro.

Maher Ismail

Maher Ismail is a world traveller, content creator, and storyteller based in the US. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with minors in Astronomy and Psychology at the University of South Florida, which led him to work with NASA as a computer engineer. Through these experiences, he developed a propensity for photographic arts and filmmaking, specifically the critical roles that biology and psychology play in our ability to communicate through the arts. Originally from Egypt, he has used his passion for travel, photography, and videography to tell others’ stories through a lens and bring people on journeys with him.

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