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Mastering Content Creation with the Sony ZV-E1

Conducted by

Juan de Swardt

Uncover the art of content creation with Juan de Swart and the Sony ZV-E1 as he takes you on a visual journey through the stunning Aston Martin DBX.

November 10, Friday - December 20, Wednesday

12:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Online, South Africa

Workshops Description

Join Juan de Swart in this online workshop as he explores the captivating world of content creation with the Sony ZV-E1. Delve into the exquisite design and performance of the Aston Martin DBX, and learn how to visually capture its essence. Juan will share his expertise on using the ZV-E1 to craft compelling narratives and showcase the DBX’s luxury and power. Discover the secrets to creating dynamic content that leaves a lasting impact.

Who Can Attend

Anyone interested in content creation or looking to find out more about the Sony ZV-E1.


This workshop with Juan de Swart will guide you through the process of creating captivating content with the Sony ZV-E1. We'll start by exploring the aesthetics and features of the Aston Martin DBX. Then, Juan will demonstrate effective techniques for storytelling and cinematography with the ZV-E1, ensuring your content stands out.

Juan de Swardt

Juan is a solo filmmaker shooting for Sony over 8 years now. He found his passion while watching a sunset wanting to share the essence of nature with his friends. Photography led to videography when Juan realized he can tell a story with image and sound that quickly became a healthy obsession. He dropped his economics degree and pursued cinematography full time to tell stories and make people feel emotion with his craft. Never looked back since.