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Learn Data Management & Never Lose Data Again

Conducted by

Kashif Rashid

In this webinar , I will show you a workflow where you will shoot, save and archive all your footage with zero room for data loss.

June 15, Wednesday - June 30, Thursday

12:00 PM

Karachi, Pakistan

Webinar Description

Statistics say that 95 percent of all professional photographers have lost data at some point in their lives. Some data was very very important. Others not so important but in this day and age, it is 100% avoidable. In this webinar I will show you the steps on how I manage my data and archive it, what devices I use to make sure my data is not just secure but the transfers take the least amount of time so that I can use the remaining time to shoot/learn/edit and teach.

Who Can Attend

All Photography enthusiasts can join. This webinar will mostly be covering the topic of Data Management


- Important of Data Management and why its a very important part of our workflow - Memory Cards and what their numbers mean - Card Readers and why not all card readers are the same (even though it says so) - Card Numbering and Folder Management - Advantages of getting good cards and which cards to buy - What other system configurations would you need? - Speed Analysis

Kashif Rashid

Always been passionate about photography and is a self-taught photographer. He got his first photography project doing fashion photography for a local designer back in 2007 and has never looked back.

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