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How To Shoot Time-Lapse Videos: G-Master Your Lenses

Conducted by

Anas Aldheeb

Learn the technical skills and the basic preparations for shooting stars in the form of time lapses and how to combine it

July 15, Friday - July 31, Sunday

12:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Webinar Description

This photography workshop will help those interested in photography and videoghraphy learn basic technical skills, and concepts of time-lapse, and basic setup of shooting stars With basic guidelines. Also how Sony lenses delivers amazing results for night photography and camera quality, and how to edit photos and convert them to a video clip through the Premiere program

Who Can Attend

Night photographyand star photography enthusiasts, nature photographers


Learn the basics of night photography and the importance of camera settings in photographing stars.

Anas Aldheeb

Anas Al Deeb is a photojournalist since 2013. He decided to enter the field of photography. He studied and learned through various experiences and attended many workshops and lectures. He is no longer only an accomplished photographer, but has won many awards for his outstanding skills. His passion for photography moved to the establishment of an integrated studio and works in the field of content and photography industry. It provides workshops and lectures and shoots many projects around the world. He has worked on more than 5 personal photography exhibitions in various countries.