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How To Shoot A Cooking Tutorial

Conducted by

Murtada Al-Hamood

How to set up and shoot a cooking tutorial.

April 19, Tuesday

11:00 PM

Zoom Webinar, Saudi Arabia

Webinar Description

In this workshop we will learn how to setup up to 3 cameras to shoot a model in a kitchen location , how to light the model and the scene, and how to hookup the model with a mic and hide it as much as we can.

Who Can Attend

Video and Filmmakers


Cameras set up and sitting, how to light the scene.

Murtada Al-Hamood

Murtada is a Filmmaker that started his journey as a photographer in 2006, as an editor/videographer in 2009, he became a filmmaker in 2016 and finally he started his YouTube channel (M TUTs) in 2017 as a content creator where he spread his knowledge.

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