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How To Set Up A Shot For Interviews Or YouTube Videos.

Conducted by

Jacques Snyman

How to set up a shot for interviews or YouTube videos.

July 06, Wednesday - July 21, Thursday

South Africa, South Africa

Webinar Description

This event will show you how to set up your camera to shoot either interviews or YouTube videos. The event will included camera settings, how to set up your lighting, how to make your background look better and even include best practices for both beginners and more advanced users. The event will include basic setups for people getting started with low budgets and no gear as well as more advanced setups for ideal situations. So level up your talking head shots with this event.

Who Can Attend

Videographers looking to film interviews, talking head videos or YouTube videos and want to learn how to set up not only your shot but your settings as well.


How to set up a shot for interviews or YouTube videos. Basic Camera settings, lens selections and set dressing for the best results.

Jacques Snyman

Jacques is a Content Creator from South Africa that focuses on tech reviews and how to videos. Jacques has produced work for some of the biggest companies in tech as well as private clients. Jacques started in 2019 and has spent years trying to perfect the art of video for products and talking head shots.