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How to Photograph Beauty Shots With 85F1.4 GM

Conducted by

Idongesit Usanga

This webinar is a lens review and live demonstration on capturing beauty shots with the Sony 85mmF1.4 GM.

May 03, Tuesday - May 18, Wednesday

10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Lagos, Nigeria

Webinar Description

If you are an artistic portrait photographer, and you are particular about details, Idongesit has curated this webinar for you. Testing the Sony 85mm F1.4 GM under different lighting environments and with the A7R4, this full frame lens is Idongest’s go-to for capturing beauty shots and details, a signature of his work. With an aperture range of F1.4 to F1.16, he demonstrates how the 1.8 F-stop creates a great shallow depth of field and flattering bokeh, and touches on how the lens makes retouching easy.

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Idongesit reviews the Sony 85mmF1.4 GM lens with a live demonstration in two different light settings, using strobe and natural light. Learn what makes this lens a favourite for capturing beauty shots and fine details.

Idongesit Usanga

Idongesit Smart Usanga is the lead photographer and creative director at Image Faculty. He attended the Digital Academy (of The Film School) Mumbai, India in 2010 and has since travelled around Africa, The UAE and other parts to shoot concerts, weddings, fashion events, and artistic portraits. Idongesit is an educator and is usually referred to as The Dean at his academy. His key focus is in fashion, portrait and art photography and he has worked with homegrown and international brands. With over a decade’s worth of experience, Idongesit’s pictures look like art that have been perfected over a millennium.

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