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How to create your own visual style?

Conducted by

Jonathan Rashad

Standing out as a visual artist is one of the many factors that help out emerging talents espcially in today's very compeitive creative scene. Learn how to do that with Jonathan.

August 12, Friday - August 26, Friday

Egypt, Egypt

Webinar Description

In this webinar Jonathan Rashad tackles crucial points related to establishing your own style as a visual artist, especially if you are an emerging one. What makes you stand out as a visual artist? How can you establish your own style as an artist and manage to be consistent? Watch this webinar to learn more.

Who Can Attend

Beginner/Intermidate filmmakers and videographers who are still finding their own shooting style.


Standing out as a visual artist can be challenging. Choosing a certain visual category in your career and establishing a certain style towards your imagery are key.

Jonathan Rashad

Jonathan Rashad is an award winning film director and photojournalist producing visual stories in Egypt and elsewhere since 2008, mainly focusing on humanitarian, aftermath and breaking news stories. His work has been published and distributed widely by many international media outlets and organizations, including: National Geographic, BBC, TIME magazine, The United Nations, and The New York Times. Over the past few years, Rashad had his work exhibited in various places worldwide, including Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, East Wing Gallery in Dubai, Fathom Gallery in Washington DC, Friedrichshain Photo Gallery in Berlin, and Photoville in New York.