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How To Create a Short Commercial Video – Part 1

Conducted by

Waleeed Alfudhaili

The workshops (part 1&2) will explain how to create short commercial video ads from planning the shooting concept phase till delivering the video.

December 18, Monday - December 31, Sunday

12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Online, Saudi Arabia

Webinar Description

This is part 1 of the prerecorded workshop. It dives deep into showcasing how to create short commercial video. Starting from the initial phase of planning the shooting concepts till delivering the video. The event will consist of two parts. Part one will explain the process of filming. It will include the use of camera and settings, lens selections, how to use the video lighting and the use of stabilization gimbal. The second part will explain the process of how to edit the footage, color correcting, color grading and sounds design using video software tools. This event will help Alpha users to understand the process of creating short commercial video ads and the selection of the right gears for them.

Who Can Attend

All videographer enthusiasts


Camera and Lens selection, compositions explanation, lighting setup, story sequencing, video editing, sound design and color grading.

Waleeed Alfudhaili

Waleed is passioned person for the art of photography and filmmaking. He produced work for many clients from private and government sectors in addition to commercial adds in addition to wedding photography and videography. Waleed is an ambassador for Sony Alpha. Waleed started in US during 1996 as travel photographer hoppy and then filming travel documentary during 2007 in China with his Sony camera and then as certified drone pilot for photography/videography in 2016 moving forward into commercial work in 2018. Graduated earlier as electrical engineer from KSU and received his mMBA from Oxford and he worked before in many telecom industries. Follow Waleed on @w.alfudhaili on Instagram.