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Going Vertical – Fashion Films in 2023

Conducted by

Abdallah Sabry

With everything going vertical, join this webinar to learn how you can adjust your content for today's platforms.

June 23, Friday - July 08, Saturday

12:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Online, Egypt

Webinar Description

Whether you’re hoping to use the skills yourself or to better enable the directing of others, this fashion film making course introduces a broad range of techniques for the creation of fashion film; from research and planning to shooting, editing and broadcast. The course combines theory, discussion and practical workshops in a friendly and collaborative space. You’ll leave with an understanding of the principles and practicalities of fashion filmmaking, innovative techniques to accomplish them and working in a small crew to create a completed short fashion film.

Who Can Attend



Go with Abdallah step by step on how to come up with an idea all they way on how to execute it.

Abdallah Sabry

ABDALLAH SABRY has become a household name for portrait and fashion photography in Egypt. The mastermind behind BLACK CREATIVE STUDIOS has truly captivated the scene with an international vision and striking images that almost come to life.

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