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Freedom of the Frame in Sony

Conducted by

Taimur Riaz Khan

"Amazing opportunity for all those working in the field of wedding photography as well as for those who want to pursue photography as their career. "

October 24, Monday

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Peshawar Services Club, Pakistan

Workshops Description

KP is equipped with amazing talent Coupled with the efforts of Sony and its unparalleled efforts to bring in new technologies the workshop will guide and educate the photographer community of the region on why Sony is better and why they should be tempted towards joining wedding photography. The workshop will focus on what better does Sony provide in terms of output when it comes to the Cameras and lenses as compared to the ones available in the market.

Who Can Attend

All photographers who are in two minds when it comes to choosing the right Camera and lenses as well as the Photographers who are already in the field but want to give better output and want to improve


The Speaker will be speaking about his over a decade long experience in the field of wedding photography and the reason for opting Sony as his primary gear. What different does he experience and that quality does he provide

Taimur Riaz Khan