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Food Photography Workshop

Conducted by

Abdelrahman Osama

A 3 day intensive food photography & styling workshop that will get you on the food photography professional track.

October 28, Friday - October 30, Sunday

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Studio O7, Egypt

Workshops Description

Food photography course is a practical course that targets people who want to learn all the professional skills of food photography. With our professional food photographer and food stylist , students will be able to know more about the basics of styling food before the shoot. In addition, they will know more about the lighting equipment and some edits in the postproduction. *Please note that this is a paid workshop and you will be redirected to partner website when you register.

Who Can Attend

Candidates interested in pursuing a career in photography . In addition , People who are extremely interested in learning the ins and outs of cameras can enroll in this Fashion Photography course


Day 1 A-Introduction to Food photography & what we should have in our gear to start -What are the different types of Lighting heads & Modifiers -What’s a trigger and how to connect your camera to your lighting heads -How to shoot through your laptop (Tethering) - Why do we shoot food and what's the different usages of food photos - Discussing some examples to clarify angles , modes and different light shaping Day 2 A- introduction to Food styling B- making a Live shoot with different modes to Apply what we discussed before - giving an Assignment for students to apply at home Day 3 A- Practicing with students different sets giving them a chance to Apply what they learnt - Discussing Assignments B- Editing session to reach the highest quality. - Building a portfolio

Abdelrahman Osama

Commercial photographer specialises in products & Food photography. Started as a street photographer at 2016 capturing some photos for Egyptian street life , From there, he pursued a variety of photography types until 2019, he began to focus on food and product photography while working on numerous projects for various clients and agencies.

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