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First look at the new FX30

Conducted by

Mark Issa

Mark talks about the FX30, Sony's powerful yet versatile camera and discusses the product's top features, the camera's e...

September 28, Wednesday - October 13, Thursday

6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Webinar Description

Mark talks about the exciting new specs and features of the upcoming launch of the Sony FX30, the top ranged APSC camera in the market. Sony dominated the market when it obtained a head start on full-frame mirrorless cameras. The new mirrorless camera provides exceptional low light performance and outputs outstanding video quality. It is a powerful yet lightweight and portable device, making it the perfect choice for professionals and the average consumer. We live in a time where the media dominates every aspect of our lives. Content creation is no longer exclusive to professionals. With filmmaking, we are provided with the platform to express ourselves with art through impeccable devices and resources. The evolution of cameras has led to a significant transformation in our industry. Cameras have become very user-friendly, obtained better video quality as the resolution improved immensely, and have become smaller in size and lighter in weight. Cameras today also have a faster shooting rate and impressive sharpness of colour, and many more notable features.

Who Can Attend

The webinar is for people who are interested in knowing more about the Sony FX30. Especially vloggers, YouTubers, content creators, film directors, and Cinematographers.


Mark talks about the FX30, Sony's powerful yet versatile camera and discusses the product's top features, the camera's effectiveness and usage.

Mark Issa

Mark Issa is a Lebanese videographer based in Abu Dhabi. He's been filming for over ten years and counting. His love for skateboarding paved the way to this successful career as a filmmaker. Being part of the skateboarder community, Mark enjoyed filming his friends skateboarding, and that's when he learned that a new passion was born. When Mark got older, he knew that this was the only path meant for him. He went to Film School in Toronto and attained his credentials in Film Production. Filmmaking is the perfect outlet for self-expression, and Mark does not see himself pursuing anything else. His favourite contents to create are music videos and commercials. His motto is; the way to success is to master your craft and always carry your passion with you.