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Fashion Outdoor Photography Workshop – RPFA

Conducted by

Nadine Yasser Abdelaziz

Mahitab Hossam

Learning all the skills and getting a real work life experience as a professional fashion photographer.

November 04, Friday - November 05, Saturday

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Beit Badr, Egypt

Workshops Description

With the help of our professional photographers , students will experience 2 days workshop that will help them explore more in the fashion photography field . In addition , students will be able to know more about how to mange a complete outdoor fashion shoot from, models to equipment . This course is for entry – level photographers . It will help them produce professional pictures using Sony equipment. *Please note that this is a paid workshop and you will be redirected to partner website when you register.

Who Can Attend

Candidates interested in pursuing a career in photography . In addition , people interested in learning the ins and outs of cameras can enroll in this Fashion Photography course.


On day 1 you will learn, Introduction to fashion photography ,lighting heads ,and lighting modifiers. Also how to setup your camera to connect to your laptop. Finally, a 2 hours of application. Day 2 will be a practical day but on different items and you will get to edit your work.

Nadine Yasser Abdelaziz

A director of photography with over 5 years of experience, graduated from faculty of Mass. Communication from Misr international university. Earned a cinematography certificate from “One shot workshop”, enrolled in Hurbult Academy for Cinematography courses, and directed & shot a movie named “Rouh” that got nominated in “First time filmmakers’ session” festival in United Kingdom and was able to work & produce a documentary for “Plastic Bank Global” showcasing the plastic issues in Egypt & how to recycle & make use of it. Shot “Meshwar Hamada” segment as part of Abla Fahita’s show as well as “Sone3 fi masr” program.

Mahitab Hossam

With over 4 years of experience, Mahitab has developed amazing skills in being a cameraman , an editor , and a Photographer . Moreover , she worked with reputabloe clients like Maybeline , l'oreal , Nivea , DHL , and many others . In addition , she took many diffrent courses in the fieled, for instance , a professsional lighting course .