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Ezay te3mel Content – Emsek Nafsak

Conducted by

Yehia El Sady

Marwan Imam

Learn All the basics of creative, writing, editing, and sound design your Youtube show.

July 01, Saturday - August 13, Sunday

12:00 PM

Online, Egypt

Webinar Description

Ever wanted to know what’s the best formula to create Your own Youtube content? Well, We gathered all our lead content creators, editors, and sound engineers of peace cake to take You through their most important advice to help You launch your next project.

Who Can Attend

Beginners content creators


Our creators are giving the most important advice in their fields

Yehia El Sady

Marwan Imam

Abdelrahman Magdy

Fady Garas

Hazem Ragheb

Kareem Abu Gamrah