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Dahshour Photowalk 1 – Redefine

Conducted by

Ali Khaled Hustler

You will grab your Alpha gear and start touring the Dahshour area, create, and edit all under the guidance of Ali Khaled - Hustler

November 25, Friday

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Dahshur, Egypt

Photowalks Description

We’ll start the day by moving to Dahshur and begin our tour with a quick introduction of the day and on what we’ll be targeting from the workshops. We’ll then move to the countryside of Dahshur to discover its countryside and people. Throughout the day we’ll be able to experience the life of the countryside and the traditions of its people as by mid day we’ll be provided with an oriental breakfast in our break. Afterwards we’ll be having a session by Aly Hustler challenging you to create a reel of the tour day (make sure to bring your laptops and SD Cards with you) followed by a photowalk in the green fields of Dahshur then we go back to Cairo.  (MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR SD CARDS and LAPTOPS)

Who Can Attend

Intermediate videographer


The day will start with a quick introduction then we will start by the capturing countryside - and by the end of the day you will have a professionally shot & edited video all done by yourself.

Ali Khaled Hustler

Architect graduate, worked with photoshop for 3 years & brand ambassador for adobe 2019. Worked in content creation teaching people with 1 minute short videos.