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Creating Portraits with Personality & Character

Conducted by

Idongesit Usanga

Learn how to combine elements that give your portraits personality and character, in this workshop with the Dean, Image Faculty.

September 07, Wednesday

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Image Faculty Studios, Surulere, Lagos., Nigeria

Workshops Description

What makes you stop scrolling or flipping the pages of a magazine when you see a portrait? Could it be the fashion, the make-up, a heart-warming look or perhaps the controversial nature of the photo? Whichever option it is, even it is difficult to describe in words, it is because that photo had personality and character, compelling enough to stop you in your tracks. In this workshop, Idongesit will be teaching the elements that give your portraits personality and character and how he has been able to instill same in his photos, time and time again.

Who Can Attend

Photographers, photo enthusiasts, creative or artistic directors


Lighting, posing, styling, directing a subject to get the best out of them and visual storytelling

Idongesit Usanga

Idongesit Smart Usanga is the lead photographer and creative director at Image Faculty. He attended the Digital Academy (of The Film School) Mumbai, India in 2010 and has since travelled around Africa, The UAE and other parts to shoot concerts, weddings, fashion events, and artistic portraits. Idongesit is an educator and is usually referred to as The Dean at his academy. His key focus is in fashion, portrait and art photography and he has worked with homegrown and international brands. With over a decade’s worth of experience, Idongesit’s pictures look like art that have been perfected over a millennium.