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Creating Cinematic Shots with a Gimbal

Conducted by

Nate Genius

Nate Genius shares how he creates unique cinematic shots using a gimbal

October 05, Wednesday - October 20, Thursday

Nigeria, Nigeria

Webinar Description

If producing memorable and creative cinematic shots is your goal, then this webinar is for you; whether you are just starting out as a videographer or you have been filming for a few years. Nate Genius, who has mastered how to combine the elements of storytelling, cinematography, technique and technology to create stunning films teaches how you too can combine these elements to enhance your cinematography business.

Who Can Attend

Videographers, directors, filmmakers


Learn from Nate Genius how to combine elements of cinematography and technique to produce creative cinematic shots using a gimbal

Nate Genius

Nathaniel Joshua Ogwuche popularly known as Nate Genius is a multiple award-winning cinematographer and a master storyteller. He has worked with various international corporate brands such as Guinness, Heineken and Jameson, producing and filming commercials, and with international agencies like the Canadian High Commission and the U.S Embassy, to create short films and feature-length documentaries. Nate is well known for his cinematic shooting style of weddings and is highly sought after by the crème de la crème home and abroad. Nate holds a Bachelors and Masters’ Degree in Business IT and Enterprise Systems from Wolverhampton University (London).

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