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Create Stop Motion Food Photography

Conducted by

Abdelrahman El Ghazaly

In this workshop, you will learn everything related to producing stop motion content that attracts attention

May 31, Friday

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Final Studio , حي, الامام عبدالله بن سعود, Ishbiliyah, Riyadh 13225 استديو فاينل, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

In this workshop, I will explain the principles and basics of stop motion, which is one of the techniques that is relatively new and very popular currently in restaurant photography sessions, giving it a striking and attractive look.

Who Can Attend

Food photographers & videographers


stop motion basics - what kind of light should be used - video editing which related to stop motion

Abdelrahman El Ghazaly

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazali is considered one of the most experienced and famous professional food photographers in the Middle East. He has five years of experience during which he has given many workshops in preparing and training photographers wishing to enter the field. He has given workshops in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the Emirates and other Arab countries.