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Corporate Photography Tips and Inspiration

Conducted by

Ali Almubarak

In this workshop, Ali will cover the right techniques of choosing the best angle, posing and lighting to get a remarkable executive portrait photo

July 23, Sunday - July 31, Monday

12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Online, Saudi Arabia

Webinar Description

In this workshop, Ali will share the right techniques to do a professional remarkable executive portrait. He will explain all the steps starting from choosing the best angle that have a nice background, posing the model in away that reflect his position and personality, camera setup that will give us the right depth of field and the proper shutter speed and ISO, lighting arrangement that will wrap the model face to give it a three dimensional effect and finally removing reflections in post production by erasing the layer with reflections

Who Can Attend

This workshop is for photographers who wants to improve their portrait photography skills


Selecting the place, arranging camera and lighting, choosing the right angle, deciding on the best model posing, adjusting flash lighting, testing exposure, taking model photo and finally taking background photo without flash lighting

Ali Almubarak

Ali Abdullah Mubarak - Photographer of Al-Youm newspaper in 1979-1982 - Aramco photographer 1980-1990 - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 1985 - Industrial and commercial photographer 1990 - 2020 - He was honored by Prince Sultan bin Salman as one of the pioneers photographers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Participated in the arbitration of many photography competitions in the Kingdom over the past twenty years, including the first and fifth Saudi Colors competition - Giving photography lectures in Dammam and Riyadh for the last four years