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Cinematography & Color Grading Workshop

Conducted by

Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi

Ahmed El Gendy

The Cinematography and Color Grading workshop teaches participants.

May 27, Monday - June 01, Saturday

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Kamelizer Spaces, District 5, New Cairo, Egypt

Workshops Description

The Cinematography and Color Grading workshop teaches participants brief interpretation, lighting techniques, and color grading essentials, emphasizing the synergy between cinematography and grading through practical exercises and case studies.

Who Can Attend

Intermediate Filmmakers & DOPs


Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi

Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi is a self-taught cinematographer based in Cairo, Egypt. Driven by a love for visuals, Bayoumi studied Fine Arts, then combined it with the practical knowledge that he gained in the field, to become one of the most prominent names in the MENA region.

Ahmed El Gendy

Gendy has worked on countless ads, for brands like Vodafone Red, Juhayna, Samsung, Spotify, and Vogue Arabia, and many more music videos and films. His latest work includes the incredible work on “بالطو”.