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Candid Conversations – Panel Discussion

Conducted by

Salma Elkashef

Hear the story of three uprising local talents and how they were able to overcome the different challenges they faced.

December 09, Saturday

4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

District 5, Marakez, Egypt

Workshops Description

Candid Conversations is a panel talk shedding the light on three uprising local talents and how they were able to carve out their early stages of their career. Learn how you can navigate these early obstacles on your way to more established career.

Who Can Attend

Beginner photographers & filmmakers


Moderated by the one & only Salma El Kashef. She will take you through the stories of our guests for you to learn from their very own experience in this panel talk.

Salma Elkashef

Salma El Kashef, 29, is an Egyptian filmmaker and Sony Alpha ambassador living in Cairo. she graduated from the High Institute of cinema. After being introduced to both cinema and film in 2010, El Kashef began experimenting with photography. El Kashef's artistic concept is around integrating cinema with still photography, as she tends towards creating pictures that speak of a cinematic subtext. She worked as a focus puller on various Egyptian theatre sets during her study, she developed a unique approach for expressing emotive cinematic art.

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