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Best Time to Capture the Milky Way

Conducted by

Abdel Rahman Gabr-(Koree)

Join Koree and learn how & when is the best time to capture the Milky Way.

June 30, Friday - July 15, Saturday

12:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Online, Egypt

Webinar Description

Shooting the milky way is very rewarding when you see the results through your LCD screen on your camera. Shooting astrophotography requires the right camera and lens to capture your visions. Summer is the prime time for Milky Way photography, moreover koree will talk about his journey and what gear he use to capture these amazing star formations  which lies in our solar system in Egypt.

Who Can Attend

Beginner/Intermediate creatives


Best places to for shooting, what gear to use, when to go shooting for the stars. All these details and more will be discussed in this webinar.

Abdel Rahman Gabr-(Koree)

Korean Egyptian, born in Queens, New York. Filmmaker and a Photographer, Founder of Koree Films and Art and Creativity. Captures inspiring and engaging stories that serves as time capsule that connects historic culture with modern-day living.

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