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Behind the Set

Conducted by

Haya Khairat

Saad Aldin

Get to know what happens behind the set walls between the Director & DOP and how they take on the responsibility of leading their crew to deliver the best possible outcome.

May 13, Saturday

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Consoleya - 5 El-Fadl, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate 11513, Egypt

Workshops Description

Life on set is quite dynamic, especially on big sets where sometimes 100+ people work on 1 minute project. This makes the roles of the Director & DOP extremely essential in terms delegation/sharing responsibilities and leading the entire crew. In this talk we hear both perspectives of the two from two of the best in the business, Haya Khairat & Saad AlDin.

Who Can Attend

Aspiring filmmakers / beginner cinematographers/directors


Understand the key responsibilities for each role, the communication flow within the set. Be it pre-production, production, or post production.

Haya Khairat

Director, cinematographer & photographer Haya Khairat, studied cinematography at HCI Cairo. Her work has been featured several times on many local & international platforms. She started as a 1st AC in TV shows & films including “Afrah ElQobba”, “La Totfe’ AlShams”, “El Rehla” and others. Moreover, she worked as a DOP on the short film “Dark Chocolate” that was later awarded in CIFF2019. Haya then moved to directing TVCs for many campaigns for various clients and her work for “ZERO TOLERANCE RIBBON” FGM campaign was awarded a Silver Lynx at 2020’s Dubai Lynx Awards.

Saad Aldin

Saad Aldin Alkharouf is an award-winning cinematographer based in the United Arab Emirates. Saad is a trust worthy D.O.P that has extensive and worked with industry greats, like BAFTA Award nominee Brian J Breheny and Norman B Schwartz best known for his work on E.T. He believes that a perfectly shot image is crucial to achieve a frame that ads to the story being told in a film.